Anchoring & Rafting Print
We can offer You two types of anchoring arrangements.
Each of Your vessels on Single Anchors or rafting of Your Vessels.

Single Anchor
To ensure safe distance between vessels in our Lay-Up Area Your Vessels riding on single anchor shall have chain length deployed approximately equal to Water Depth x 10.

The radius of Your Vessel’s allocated position area will be approximately equal to Your Vessel’s Loa + Chain Length + 300 meter Safety Zone.
Your Vessels of similar type/size can be moored Bow-to-Stern with Yoko fenders or equivalent placed between and anchors to be run out from each vessel. Tugs will be engaged to assist during the rafting of Your vessels. A Mooring Master will be engaged to ensure safe handling during the rafting operation. A Mooring Analysis will be carried out prior to the rafting with approval from Class / MWS (Marine Warranty Surveyor).