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De-activating vessels in an effort to save costs requires thorough planning and investment in the process.
We know it is imperative that Your vessels are laid-up technically correctly according to Your specific needs.
Our focus is on preserving Your vessels so as to maintain their condition and their asset values.
In order for Your classification societies, flag states, and underwriters to accept the lay-up of Your vessels and thus maximize Your cost savings we offer well planned and thoroughly professional lay-up management of Your vessels.

Safe Haven Maritime Pte Ltd’s Norwegian Management has a team of Engineers, Mechanics, deck personnel, Oilers, Fitters, Carpenters, etc. for the required lay-up decomissioning and maintenance work.
Each vessel will have vessel specific Mooring Plan, Decommissioning Plan, Maintenance Plan, and Reactivation Plan for Your approval prior the to commencement of the Lay-up work.

Regular updates and monthly reports are sent to You for Your review and record.

In addition to having a safe and secure Lay-Up Area we offer the following Lay-Up Management Services: