Preparation Pre-Arrival Print
Prior to arrival we provide Your Officers and Crew with:
  • Pre-Arrival Preparation Plan
  • Arrival Procedures
  • Welcome Letter to Officers & Crew

It is important that Your Officers and Crew have a clear understanding of the pre-arrival preparations. The Pre-Arrival Preparation Plan is prepared by us so as to help Your Officers and Crew prepare Your vessel for the lay-up work we will do and to gain knowledge about the Lay-up Decommissioning process. It includes considerations for Consumables & Stores, Cargo Tanks & Holds, machinery & Equipment, and On-Board Safety Equipment, Systems, and Alarms.

A Welcome Letter along with Arrival Procedures will be sent to Your Officers and Crew prior to arrival which includes a description of the Lay-Up Area (weather and tide & current conditions, Security & ERP, etc), arrival formalities (documentation, pilotage, etc), Services (crew change, shore pass, supplies, transportation, etc.), and a general introduction to Batam City.