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Intended lay-up period of six months or less.
Skeleton crew.
  • The vessel to be anchored separately by own anchor or in raft.
  • Minimum crew four persons (One Fire Fighting Team) or as per approval from Flag State. Alternatively, crew to be supplied by us for this purpose.
  • Owner's skeleton crew or our crew on board to turn over machinery equipment etc.
  • Emergency Generator to be used for power supply if adequate and approved by Class. Alternatively, we can supply deck generator(s).
  • Main Generator(s) to remain operational for Emergency and always in a state of readiness.
  • Air-conditioning in operation to keep Quarters and Control Rooms etc. cool and dry. Alternatively, part of Living Quarters isolated and small de-humidifiers installed as necessary in Quarters and Control Rooms.
  • Fire pump active and Fire main pressurized.
  • Life Saving Appliances and Fire Fighting Equipment not required during the Lay-up period to be removed and placed in safe storage, preferably in air-conditioned / de-humidified Store Room.