Semi-Cold Stacking Print
Intended lay-up period of six to twelve months.
No Crew.
  • The vessel to be anchored separately by own anchor or in raft.
  • Our Maintenance Crew run/turn over machinery and equipment according to agreed schedule.
  • Small Portable Generator to be used for daily power supply.
  • Main and Emergency Generators operational and ready in Emergencies and used as required to turn over machinery.
  • All other systems kept operational, incl. Fire pumps, but fire main not pressurized.
  • Living Quarters, Control Rooms and other sensitive compartments to be isolated and kept dry by small portable de-humidifiers or air-conditioning run on dry cycle. Silica Gel placed as necessary for sensitive instruments. Alternatively, large de-humidifiers run specified hrs/week.
  • All doors to Accommodations, Machinery Spaces and Store Rooms etc. to be welded shut, except as required for access which to be Pad Locked.
  • Full cleaning of holds, bilges, etc.
  • Life Saving Appliances and Fire Fighting Equipment not required during the Lay-up period to be removed and placed in safe storage in de-humidified Store Room or in the Living Quarters. What cannot be removed to be protected against the elements by heavy duty plastic wrapping or other means as per the vessel specific Lay-up Plan.